Bournemouth Aviary is temporarily closed for rebuilding work!

We have now begun to rebuild the aviary and this is due to be completed around the end of January into early February 2022. Many thanks for your generous donations!

Sun Conure (Aratinga Solstitialis)

The public can visit the Aviary at any time of day, any day of the year and there is no admission charge.

New Aviary Fundraising

The aviary was originally maintained by BCP Council, but it is now run entirely by volunteers with in-kind support from the council. 

We are working with the Council on plans to build a new aviary and are helping to fundraise £200,000 to rebuild it. Of course, we also need money to continue looking after the birds and maintaining the current building.

By spring 2020 we have already collected over £125,000. There are different ways you can make a donation (no matter how small), you can read more below.

How to donate

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An introduction to our birds

Most of our birds are rescued, or have been born at our Aviary. We do our best to provide them with a safe and interesting living environment, healthy food, responsible care and an opportunity to live long and happy lives.

Visitors often ask our Aviary Volunteers to identify a bird that has caught their attention. The Birds section will help you identify a species if we haven't been able to help you. Even if you already know the identity of a particular bird, this section will show you some pictures of the species and provide you with more information.

Meet the Team!

Meet some of our wonderful volunteers who help to feed and take great care of our birds and the aviary building maintenance.

Click here to find out how to become a volunteer.


Treasurer & Council Liaise

Volunteer since the the aviary was taken over by volunteers from the council. Now acts as treasurer and liaises with council over new aviary project.


Aviary Manager

Supplying foods and equipment for about 14yrs as well as technical advice to BCP Council for the new aviary. I also answer the emergency advice number at the Aviary.


Aviary Team

I have been working at the aviary since early 2019. I have a passion for bird watching, wildlife and drawing. I adore caring for the birds along with my quails and reptiles back at home.


Aviary Team

I'm semi retired and have been visiting the Aviary since childhood, jumped at the chance to be a volunteer and enjoying every minute with the Birds.


Aviary Team

Long standing volunteer of at least 10 years cleaning feeding and caring for the birds. Volunteering some of my time at the Aviary almost every day and sometimes twice a day.


Aviary Team

Volunteering at Bournemouth Aviary for around 9 years. Some of the duties I tend to are cleaning, feeding and maintaining the Aviary with small repairs when necessary.