Yellow Crowned Amazon Parrot


There are many sub-species of Amazon Parrots. They can all can live up to 50 years. Most of the sub-species live mainly in the Amazon Basin of South America.

The Yellow Crowned Amazon Parrot is not considered to be in any environmental danger. They are very intelligent and sociable, have beautiful plumage, and are excellent mimics.

We call our Yellow Crowned Amazon Parrot "Posh". She lives in the small middle section of the Aviary, and also has her own warm back room when the weather is cold or wet. 

She has a wide range of calls and, when she is in the mood, has many phrases. "Hello" is her favourite, especially if she is spoken to by ladies.

Posh hardly ever flies, but she is quite good at climbing around. You will usually see her sitting on a perch near the top of her section of the enclosure, or even on the shelf very high up.

We recently opened her section to join the "big side", so she sometimes sits on one of the rope perches just inside the big enclosure.

Some of the other birds like to come to visit her, too. In warm weather, she loves to ge given a spray bath and will even hang upside down to make sure her feathers get really soaked.

Yellow Crowned Amazon on Wikipedia
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