Ring Necked Parakeet


The Ring-Necked Parakeet is sometimes known as the Rose-Ringed Parakeet. There are several variants of the species, which is widely distributed over Asia and Africa.

They are popular cage birds, which is why we have been given several by owners who can no longer look after them. The species is not endangered, and because so many were released into the wild when councils shut down their park aviaries, several large flocks have established themselves in London and the home counties.

These wild birds compete successfully with native birds and appear to be increasing in number.

As cage birds they have been bred with several different colours. We mainly have the natural green birds, but there are also grey, yellow and blue variants.

Only the males have a distinct pink (sometimes pink and black) ring on their neck feathers. The females and young look very similar to the males, except they do not have the neck ring.

They tend to pair up during the mating season in the Spring, but often switch partners from year to year. Some of our males have preferred to pair with parrots of different species, rather than the females, but we don't know why!

They are fruit and seed eaters, but they also eat the green leaves put out for the other birds. They prefer eating from high perches rather than on the ground.

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