New Aviary Building

Current Aviary

The current building was designed in the 1930's. When viewed from above, it has a similar shape to that of a bird in flight, travelling away from Westover Road towards Sandbanks.

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Current Aviary

As you face the Aviary, the "left wing" is the enclosure where we keep all the small and timid birds. The "right wing" is bigger, and houses the parrots and more aggressive large birds. The central "body" is a small section which was recently opened up to allow birds from the "big side" to visit. It is also the home of our large green Amazon parrot, called "Posh".

Each of the three sections has an entrance lobby and a back room. The back rooms are heated in the cold months, and are lit for some of the evening. The roofs are partially sheltered. There are many perches and nest boxes. The birds are free to choose where they want to fly, sit or sleep. (Parrots chew all the wood we give them, which is why branches with leaves, and pretty toys, don't last long!)

New Aviary

BCP Council and the Bournemouth Parks Foundation have replaced the Pine Walk Cafe with a smart new building on a nearby site. The development concept is to build a new Aviary which would cover the existing site, but also use some of the space in front of it. This should allow more flight space for the birds and public viewing from all directions. Aside from providing a good environment for the birds and meeting their daily needs, it is thought a new Aviary will increase the number of visitors through the Aviary and Cafe area.

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360-degree viewing experience

The Bournemouth Parks Foundation has adopted the new Aviary as its first project, and has assisted in raising money by donating Polly the Talking Parrot, who can be found just outside the Aviary, nearest the central enclosure.

Planning Permission for the new Aviary has been granted and an Architect has been engaged to produce the design specification, which will include materials and costs.

More information about the New Aviary project and its current status is available on the Bournemouth Parks Foundation web site.